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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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I just replaced the battery, but now the back is loose.

I was replacing the battery on a 30gb ipod video, and it seemed to go well, except that the back is not completely holding in one corner. I assume I over flexed that part when separating the front and back. Any suggestions on how to improve the fit?

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gatewaynomad check the back and see if you can straighten out the clips that hold it onto the frame. If it is bend to far, spend the couple of $$ and replace it with a substitute. They are available at place like Amazon or ebay. If you don't it will pop open anytime it has a minor drop etc. this could cause larger damage to either the ribbon cables, battery or even the hard drive.

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Good advice. I am under a time constraint, but I might see if they will bring it back in, if I order a new back plate.


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