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The HP Pavilion dv6500 is an affordable multimedia notebook with a 15.4" screen , a stylish case, and a security fingerprint scanner.

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Display is completely black

When I start my notebook the display is completely black, I have already changed the inverter but the problem isn't resolved.

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The problem can be the display, the graphics adapter or the mother board. If you connect an external monitor and it shows your desk top then you have a bad display. If you don't have an external monitor, use a flashlight angled to see if you can see icons on the desktop, this narrows the problem to a back light on the display. If none of these steps work, then you may have a bad mother board or bad graphics adapter. Shut down and remove all the memory and see if you get a beep error, a beep error will indicate that the mother board is working.

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I must remove RAM ?


This is to test to see if the motherboard is good, if you get a beep error then the mother board is good. Still could be problem with graphics adapter that is also on mother board.


If mother board is working, how do I identify the problem?


I have remove RAM and I listen a beep


What do you suggest?


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