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Why after replacing a charging port does my speaker not work

I have repaired multiple iPhone 5s’s that don’t charge however each time I replace the charging port the speaker no longer works. I can’t find anything online and am sure I’m making a stupid mistake.

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Only thing I can think of is battery was plugged in during charging port replacement.

The loudspeaker is connected by two connection points to the charger port so it could be that the charging ports are getting physically damaged during install or they are just faulty.

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So it is some mistake in your process of replacing Charging point. You may shorted speaker pcb circuit line while replacing charging point.

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Or the pins on the speaker just aren't making contact with the charging port flex... clean the gold contacts on the flex and bend the pins a little on the speaker and ensure u place all the correct screws back in

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Also u can get bad charging flexs where the speaker part doesn't work so if it is seated correctly and the speaker makes a good connection before u move on to looking at the board try another part from another source


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