Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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NVME M.2 SSD with adapter

Is it possible to update 2017 iMac 27" 5k with NMVe m.2 SSD using m.2 to Apple PCIe adapter?

I used to use SM951 AHCI in Mac Pro 5.1, 6.1, all Retina and Air 2013-2015 but what about NVMe once? Have anyone tried?

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Upgrading an 2017 iMac 27" with an off the shelf NMVe m.2 SSD + M.2 Apple PCIe adapter is definitely possible.

I am amazed how much confusion information is on the internet about this topic. Even from OWC, which only wants to sell a SATA upgrade kit for the 2017 iMac.

So I thought, try and find it out.

I did my 2017 iMac with a EVO 970 NVMe SSD + Sintech M.2 NVMe to Apple PCEe adapter.

I only recommend the Sintech adapters, others are known to have issues.

I used:

I have some images on instagram where I did my upgrade.:

I am happy I did it and got rid of the FusionDrive setup.

As a note, if you plan to replace the SATA drive with an SSD, which I also did then "No" you do not need the overpriced and useless thermal Sensor from OWC either.


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First you may want to look at this Vid: 2017 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display Unboxing and Teardown jump to the 10:00 time point which shows the PCIe SSD Apple is using. It's very different from the M.2 SSD's.

Apple's PCIe NVMe SSD's use a custom device driver so while you might be able to get the adapter and NVMe SSD to physically fit it won't be recognized by the OS.

While I haven't tried anything in this new iMac I can tell you I've tried the newer MacBook Pro retina series which has a 2 lane NVMe SSD and it didn't work.

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Which MacBook you tried? AHCI m.2 SSDs with adapter works fine with all late 2013-2015 MacBooks Pro/Air. Confirmed many times.


Don't get confused here! AHCI is not the same as NVMe! What worked in the older systems does not work in the newer systems.

Review this: SATA Express (SATAe) Your older system uses the Red path with the AHCI (SATA) the newer systems use the Yellow path with Apples PCIe (NVMe) drive.


so lets say i install the OS on the ssd sata. and i use the nvme m.2 with adapter for storage. its working right? and do i get full speed with the m.2 adapter to 12+16pin adapter?


@blacksinner - What are we trying to do here? This makes no sense. Forget the adapter and the M.2 drive aspect. Which is the faster I/O? SATA or PCIe. So why would you put the software which ideally needs the highest I/O speed on the slowest device between the two I/O's?

As to using a M.2 NVMe/PCIe drive in a iMac I would recommend you don't.

First no one has qualified one and the adapters we tested out a few years ago when we looked at it with MacBook Pro's where just junk (AHCI/PCIe)!

The newer NVMe drives Apple uses use a custom driver so I don't know if it would even work.


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I believe that Samsung 960 EVO or PRO with the adapter like this one:

WILL work fine in the iMacs 2017.

All the opinions that are different - come from people who aim to earn money on you.

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Sorry this is a PCIe/AHCI SSD adapter not a PCIe/NVMe which is what you would need and a PCIe/NVMe SSD. So far I know of no one trying either adapter in the iMac's (as needed for the given model). Review the diagram here: SATA Express (SATAe)

I strongly recommend buying the system with the largest blade SSD Apple supplies. And if you need to upgrade stick with a real Apple SSD.


It IS an NVMe adapter also, I use it with Samsung 960 EVO 500GB and it works just fine except hibernatemode 3 (I use hibernatemode 25) on my MacBook air 2017


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I already bought 512 GB Samsung Pro 960 M.2 SSD. After I disassembled my iMac 2017 27". I'm shock realizing the interface is different! I feel stupid.

I'm ordering the adapter which is about 1 month to arrive. =( I'll buy the adapter to SATA for now and use it as storage. Later on I'll buy the correct SSD and install the OS on it.

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Hi buddy, I am interested to know how you solved this..

I have iMac 5 k 2017 with 1 TB FD and I want to change the drive PCIe ssd

thanks in advance


I've had to pull two adapted drives out of a iMac & MacBook Pro. While they may appear to work there's long term issues. With the MacBook Pro its at least an easy job, not so for an iMac!

I strongly recommend you put in the correct drive and call it a day. I'm sure you can return it or find a better home for it


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