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The LG G Vista features a 5.7″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen along with an 8 MP camera.

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How do I root my phone?

I really need to get rid of bloatware, but I can't get Kingo or Root Checker to work.

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My phone is an LG stylo 6


I m wanting to root it without a computer


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Different phone Brands have different rooting procedure, as Kingroot or iRoot are universal rooting tools for devices mostly running <5.0 so you have to state your device Brand and Model, Please state that I may assist you better.

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I guess you made this decision after full consideration.

First of all, you’d better back up all data on your phone to avoid data loss.

Then, you can root your LG stylo 6 by using KingoRoot app, installed on phone. Or you can adopt SuperSu. In this way, you need to install Custom Recovery on your phone in advance.

Detailed tutorials here: https://www.guidetoroot.com/root-lg-styl...


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