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The Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Q is an 8-inch Android tablet produced by Visual Land.

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Tablet stuck in no command mode,will not reboot

Tablet says failed to mount external SD no such device. I have tried recovery system update,wipe cache partition,wipe data/factory reset,apply update from cache,update rkimage,update from external storage and apply update CV from adb, nothing works,screen is stuck on no command. All I did was turn the tablet on

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Check the USB port that you connect to your computer with. Look for bent pins or something lodged in the port . If there is something in the port use a toothpick or plastic pic to remove don't use anything metal . If this brings no joy , is there a card reader or a sd card in the machine , if so take out any card that may be in the tablet . If there is no card in check the slots for debris and clean them . If you get no joy from this remove the battery . Open the case and disconnect the battery . If the battery is soldered to the board then remove the soldered ground only for a few minutes then resolder . Hope this helps

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same problem tied everthing

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