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Computer is really slow and can hear static but it vanishes w/ restart

My custom PC has strange issues I haven't been able to figure out and I was hoping someone could help.

When starting it up for the first time every day, I usually hear static in the audio, no matter what I'm listening to. Also, sometimes the PC will suddenly become EXTREMELY slow even after exiting out of everything. The mouse cursor becomes extremely sluggish.

The problem is always fixed by a simple restart of the computer.


Intel i5-3570K CPU 3.40GHZ with 4 cores

AMD Radeon Ghost HD 7950 GPU


360GB SSD , 1 TB HDD

2 Monitors

Corsair Watercooling System for CPU

Seasonic X Series Power Supply

Many, many fans

Fatality Gaming Gear motherboard

Windows 10 OS is located on the SSD for quick startup.


Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for the help.

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There are a number of this that can cause this:

Corrupt Windows, you can sometimes remedy this by just typing in 'SFC /SCANNOW' in command prompt (CMD) as administrator.

To access command prompt open up start menu type CMD and click on CMD while shift is pressed to run it in administrator mode. You can also right click CMD run as administrator.

Another cause can be viruses in this case I would scan with software like malwarebytes anti malware and super anti spyware.

Also another one can be caused by a failing hard drive or solid state drive.

You can check HDD and SSD health using software called Hard Disk Sentinel.

Also make sure to upgrade your SSD firmware if possible in operating system.

For Samsung SSDs you use Samsung Magician. For Crucial SSDs you use their provided software on their website to do so.

Also a few other things you can try:

Clean install of graphics drivers, use display driver uninstaller from guru3d or wanguard mobile then install latest graphics drivers from AMD.

Disabling power saving settings in motherboard bios:

Intel C-States (C1E, C3, C6/C7).

I suppose unstable CPU overclock can cause this too.

Also disabling some programs you don't need running on startup and non Microsoft services may help too. I use CCleaner to easily do this.

It's also useful to check the event logs for anything that might relate to this freezing issue.

I also recommend checking hardware temperatures using software like hwmonitor64, hwinfo or etc.

Doing windows updates I guess could help. Also disabling dynamic tick (Can fix hard freezing may not be related to your issue, Google for command to put on CMD to fix this).

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