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The UE Mini Boom is a very compact Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in rechargeable battery, speakerphone capabilities, a line input, and ruggedized design.

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Battery replacement for UE Mini Boom?

Is it possible change battery on this device? If yes do anyone know how to do it.

Thank you very much

Update (08/28/2017)

Thank you very much for your help.Well i'v seen already this movies and i manage to open it,also i check the port and looks that the power is coming in,also i took out the battery and test it separetly with external charger and it shows that it charging.How ever when i put every thing together it doesn't show any signs of live.Any way if any body know how to deal with it i will very much appreciate

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Getting into the UE Mini Boom is not that difficult, and soldering in a new battery should be easy; but what to replace the battery with? I've got model S-00136.


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Sorry we don't have any IFIXIT guides for the Mini Boom. Here is a good YouTube Vid that shows a person opening one up: How to open logitech mobile boombox for fixing & UE Miniboom reassembly

Once you get it open you should be able to check the USB port to make sure its working using a Volt meter often the port breakdown so the battery won't charge. If the battery its self is bad you'll need to search the web for a replacement using the info from the battery. Good Luck!

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