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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Acer Aspire 5251 is not powering on

My laptop wont turn on.

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Do you hear the fans and the hard drive spinning up or can you see the LEDs powering up or does it beep? Is anything happening at all when you press the power button? Can you charge it (is the charging battery indicator showing up when you plug it in)?


You need to give us more details so we can help you, as there are many things that can prevent a laptop from powering on.


It does charge. I tried the fix that has you remove the battery & all connections & then holding the start button gor 30+ seconds.

Then replacing battery & press start.

The first time I did that it booted.

I shut & tried pressing start again...nada again. It makes "wjirling" sound still, but won't boot.


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Alright, thanks for the update.

I will now kindly ask you to remove and reinsert the RAM DIMMS and the CMOS battery, I'm trying to isolate the problem here. You can follow this easy guide to get to those components. Take out the RAM, put it back in, make sure it's secured properly. Do the same with the small coin-cell battery to the left of the RAM, just leave it out a little longer before reassembly (like, I don't know, 5 minutes) then short the contacts on the socket it was seated in (the + and the -).

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Thanks Alex: this guide appears to cover the Acer5253...NOT the 5251 that I have I'll try the guide anyway, once I locate my small Philip... also, what exactly do you mean by shorting the contacts on the battery? Please explain the latter.

thanks so much, I'll let you know my results.


The Acer 5253 is the closest sibling of the 5251 for which we have a guide.

What I meant by that is after you remove the small battery, short the contacts on the socket it was seated in. Use something made out of metal to connect both the + and the - contacts. Just make sure the main battery and the power cable are disconnected. Here's a useful link: http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q627...


Hi there Alex. I have also a problem that our 5251-1005 new75, won’t start up. After installing updates it will not start up again. Battery and charger seem good, Tried draining residual power and starting up battery+charger/just charger/just battery and removing RAM etc as you suggested. Still no result. What is the next step? Thanks, Henk


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