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MDR-ZX100 ZX Series stereo headphones made by Sony.

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Left speaker is not working

My Headphones Sony-Mdr zx-100.

Left speaker is not working. I opened it wires are pretty fine. but,Speaker is not working. I checked the speaker poles(+ve &-ve) with multimeter,there is no continuity in poles. I think the speaker winding is cut off. Can anyone fix this, please help!

Here is link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0...

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@ramukris how did you test your speaker? What settings did you use? Where did you check?


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@ramukris you need to check your wires with a multimeter in ohm settings. Then touch the contact at the connector that you plug in with one probe and the other probe on your speaker. If the wires are okay then your needle will move. If the needle does not move you have either a loose wire on the connector or a broken wire. It is uncommon for the windings to shorten out in the speaker itself. Polarity is not important while checking for continuity.

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what about the right speaker, I accidently dropped my headphones and the right speaker came off but the wire is still attached what should I do?


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