Should I replace the battery?

Hello there, I got a dead iPhone 7, so I tested the battery, and the only “weird” thing.. is that the battery is rated 3.8v… and on this one.. im having a reading of 4.1V…. maybe this overpowered issue is preventing the iPhone to turn on???

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No, your battery is fine. A fully charged 3.8V battery will typically measure ~4.2V.

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Ohhh nice.. so there's anything I can check of why the phone is not turning on??? or it seems to be the logicboard that its fried?


You should give me more information on the history of the phone. what happened to it before it died, was it dropped, damaged, contact with water, repaired etc.


Well my sister says... that it was dropped, but several months before she was using it normally, one night she plugged the phone... and next morning she noticed the phone was off... and since that morning... the phone is off =(


There's a good possibility that the logic board suffered some damage, either physically or electronically. Sometimes the problem shows up right away, other times it only appears later on.

This type of problem requires a micro-soldering repair and is not a DIY fix.


Oh I seee... thanks god I got a friend specialized in micro soldering on apple devices... but thanks for you super help =)


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