Back and menu button not working

Hi there,

I have recently replaced the LCD and the charging - sub buttons combo module on my SAMSUNG SM-A500F (A5 2015). After that my back and menu button are not responding. The LED light of the buttons is turned on, but there is not response when I press them.

Should there be something on the LCD part, under the buttons, that is probably not there. Right now, the LCD I have bought had nothing. I could clearly see the symbols of the buttons when I look from under the screen.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Update (10/05/2017)

Block Image

this the back of my screen

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This is what the ones in the iFixit store look like: [связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF345-000]

I don't see anything extra behind the side buttons.

There might be some more useful things within this page: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)


probably its faulty the USB Charger Charging Port Flex Cable


i bought the original usb charging port flex cable and works perfectly now!


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