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The sixth generation of the Mazda Protegé, also known as the Mazda Familia and the Mazda 323. The five-door fastback edition was known as the Familia Astina or the 323F.

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How can we siphon gas from this car before we have to send it away?

Jut before we bought a new car we put $50. worth of gas in our old Mazda Protege, and we would like to be able to siphon it out and put it in our new car before the Mazda is sent away for scrap? We looked on line and found that there is some sort of device that wont let us siphon the gas the normal way with a hose in the tank, so we watched a few videos and the easiest one said that we had to jump the relay thingy to trick the fuel pump into thinking that it needs to be on, and then discount a fuel hose and put it to a container so that the fuel pump would do the work for us - however we believe that we suceeded in jumping the relay thing because when we put the wire on like it said all the dash lit up, like the key was in the ignition, but it want. Then we went looking for a small hose that resembled the one we saw on the video, but we got lost doing that, so it seemed logical to us when we found the fuel filter with two hoses attached that one must put the gas on and one sucks it out, o we pulled both the hoses off and then put the wire back on the relay, and nothing happened, so we tried to turn the car on, but now it wont even turn over, and even though we assumed that maybe it needed to be primed or something like that, so we stopped and started that little procedure 5 more times, but still it does nothing - AND us being far from anythng like even slightly mechanically inclined, we are just a tad lost at the whole situation. Could you please tell us an easy way to get the gas out of the car, and when explaining how to do it, explain it like you are talking to someone that know where the key goes in to start the car, where the gas goes in the tank, and where the little knobby things are on the tires that you put air in when they look flat and that is ALL, EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of knowledge that I know about anything to do with making the car actually run and work? Thank you so very much!

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@jimfixer would be the expert on this ;-)


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Just drill the fuel tank with a drill and

but a bucket or anything that will fit all that gas. that will do the job

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will the heat from the drill bit cause the fuel to explode?


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