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Nissan introduced the sixth generation Sentra at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in January.

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2011 sentra headlight assembly replacement

how do you replace a 2011 sentra headlight assembly

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thank you

that's what i was afraid of.I was going to attempt in a hotel parking lot over the weekend. Guess i will wait until i can get the car back home.

Thank you again old turkey


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@acguy3 I always wonder if we can build things more complicated ;-). Per SM you need to this :

Removal and Installation


1. Remove front bumper fascia.

2. Remove the front combination lamp assembly bolts (A).

3. Pull the front combination lamp assembly (1) toward the vehicle front, detach the harness clip, disconnect connector, and remove the lamp assembly.

Block Image


Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

• After installation, perform aiming adjustment.



Bumper fascia is made of resin. Do not apply strong force to it, and be careful to prevent contact with



1. Remove the front grille.

2. Remove the screws at front edge of front fender protectors (RH/LH).

3. Remove the clips and splash shields (RH/LH).

4. Remove the screws, clips and engine undercover.

5. Remove upper screws RH/LH from front bumper fascia at front fender.

6. Pull the outboard edge of front bumper fascia away from vehicle to disengage from the bumper side retainer.

7. Disconnect fog lamp harness connectors (RH/LH), if equipped.

8. Remove the front bumper fascia.

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