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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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Rear camera glass shattered

Is it possible to replace the glass or do I have to replace the whole back of the phone. Also where would I find the parts.

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Hi Mike, you don't have to replace the whole back of the phone. Unfortunately iFixit doesn't currently sell just the camera glass but a few google searches will tell you how to fix it and where to purchase one.

I hope this helps.



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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that link is for the square shaped version s8 mine is the long rectangular one


Hello Mike, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note8 rear camera lens here:https://www.etradesupply.com/samsung-gal...


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This link is for rectangular lens on Note 8

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