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The Asus VC239H is an entry-level IPS monitor. Supports 1920x1080 resolution (full HD). First available on Amazon in 2015. Model number: VC239H.

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Salvage LED monitor that fell face down

A few weeks after my warranty expired my cats decided it's time to kill my monitor and I arrived to it face down on my desk. (Was probably kicked down from behind since my monitor was behind this window grill my cats can climb and jump on) No obvious physical damage to the screen but when I turned it my windows desktop was all over the place, with some miscolored regions and some flickery ones, an incoherent image altogether. Did the usual troubleshooting and failed, and I assume the "controller" inside might be the root cause? Any chance I can still salvage this?

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Mark Delos Santos (zafrius) maybe or maybe not. This will all depend on what exactly your screen shows. Going by your description alone, it sounds like a broken LCD. That would require a replacement, if available. Post some images of what your screen dispalys with your computer on. Use this guide for that Adding images to an existing question

It'll allow us to see what you see.

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