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Can be identified by Serial Number: 31.2000.2338851 Manufactured by Keurig

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Store in freezing conditions

Does water stay in the internal reservoir of the Keurig coffee maker? I want to store it in freezing conditions.

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@drewbear you will continue to have water inside the boiler. Unless you totally tear it apart there is no way to get all the water out. Do not use compressed air or you will damage the check valves. I suggest you revise your storage needs or consider wrapping the Keurig in a fashion so that it will not freeze

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I believe the water reservoir is tiny enough so there is little to no water in the internal hot water reservoir.

This website links to the owners manual and on page 14, it says to place a mug below the spout, closer reservoir and run the machine until it’s out of water. On page 15, the manual says to use caution when storing the Brailer in freezing conditions as condensation may freeze inside.


My take away from this is to run the machine as long as possible to get condensation out of the reservoir. Probably wouldn’t hurt to remove loose or moving parts then turn it upside down and gently shake the condensation out, then let it sit in a warm dry environment for 2 to 3 days for the condensation to evaporate.

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