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The Google Pixel C is a 10.2 inch Android tablet that was released on September 20, 2015. The device is made to be compatible with a keyboard that attaches magnetically and connects via Bluetooth.

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Pixel C is booting into waiting for fastboot command

Dear all,

I try to reset my google tablet Pixel C to the factory settings because I forgot my screen code.

I manage with the power on/off button and the sound up/down pushing for several seconds to manage to arrive to the screen which allow to go to Reboot into Android Recovery.

Once I go to this option I have the "No command" android screen.

I manage to escape this scree by pressing again the "up" button and the "On" one, but then I get this "Waiting for fastboot command...."

And I'm stuck here. Completely blocked.

My tablet is:

Google Smaug


BOOTLOADER VERSION: Google_Smaug.7900.27.0

Loock State: Locked

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


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Did you ever come a solution? I am having a similar problem.


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You will need to get the phone out of fastboot mode.

To do this you will need to first hold the power + volume down buttons and maybe including volume up for 15 seconds to hard shut off the tablet.

The no command android screen was implemented in some recovery menus to hide the recovery menu from the user. You need to sometimes press and hold a combination of buttons to toggle the recovery menu from that screen.

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Thanks, yes, I managed, but I still didn't manage to arrive to the hidden menu so to reboot the tablet. Any tips?


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Hey i had 5he same issue but all you need to do is hold the power button down by itself until it turns on showing the Google like regular. Hope this helps.

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Holding just the power worked for me. Thanks!!! It was a life saver


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When the tablet says “waiting for reboot command”, I decided to press the power button and the UP on the volume instead of pressing down. That managed to reset it and as of now, it is working again.

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Hi guys same is … can’t get it to reboot or change locked passcode


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