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micro sd card and sim card for dz09

where can I purchase a sim card and micro sc card for a dz09 smart watch?

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i have the same problem, where can i purchase a memory card for a dz09 smart phone


Just ordered a smart watch and it didn’t come with Sim card where can I get one ?


Hi @thejenna ,

What is the make and model number of the watch

If the watch is a DZ09 then the answer to your question is provided in the Most Helpful Answer box below.

Did you not read the comment about the SIM card size and the fact that the phone service provider must have a 2G network for it to work?

If there are no phone service providers with a 2G network in your area then the watch cannot work as a phone.


Where can I go to get a Sim card and micro for it


I want a Sim card for my smart watch


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Hi @fish2018 ,

According to the info from this link the GZDL watch uses a micro SIM card. The caveat is that the watch only supports the 2G network, so you need to get a micro SIM from a network provider that still has a 2G phone network in place. It will not work on the 3G/4G/LTE networks of any service provider

This is from the link above:

Phone Function: Can Be As A Standalone Mobile Phone To Make Phone Calls Including Answering And Dial-Up. Supports Single SIM Card (Micro SIM Card), 2G GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900

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Yes it does look like a smart phone


They dont tell u that when u purchase it i only have the small sim card in my android will it work or what do i need to buy


@Marcella Ramirez

See your mobile phone service provider and ask if they have an adapter that the nano SIM card from yor phone can sit in so it fits a micro SIm slot.

If you want to leave it there permanently ask for a replacement micro SIM card.

Remember if your provider doesn't have a 2G network, it won't work anyway


i got my sim card and umlimites talk text and data for 19$ from us mobile but i cant use facebook browser or twitter it says library updating plz help


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Hi Larry Powers,

It is a normal micro SD Card, so it should be available in most places that sell SD Cards.

Here is a video that shows how to install it.

As for the SIM card, which can be installed next to the SD Card, according to the User Guide, the watch only supports 2G - GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

If 2G is not available in your area it won't work with a 3G SIM card.

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Where do I get these cards for my DZ09 watch


Is the phone sim card and watch sim cards the same ones?


Hi @sunshinelady ,

Maybe. It depends what size SIM card you have in your phone. They all work the same it is just the physical size can be different

There are 3 sizes for SIM cards.

Nano SIM (8.8 x 12.3mm)

Micro SIM (12 x 15mm)

Standard SIM (15 x 25mm)

The watch uses a "micro" SIM card.

Be aware of the caveat though. The watch only supports 2G mobile phone services. If your preferred service provider doesn't have 2G in your area it won't work.


Thank You, very helpful to me. And now of to Office Max to get my Cards.


Amazon has them for $6 dollars or try wish it takes forever from wish but you’ll eventually get it but amazons your best bet for a MICRO SIM OR SD card


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Hi @ Louise Howarth,

You don’t need to have a SIM card in both.

It may depend on what you want to do.

The watch can function as a “standalone phone” if it has a SIM card installed, BUT it only works on 2G mobile phone networks. If your preferred service provider doesn’t have a 2G network in your area (or there are none at all) it won’t work as a standalone phone or be able to connect to the internet etc via the mobile phone network.

If your mobile phone is connected to a 3G (or later generation) network then the watch can be used to make/receive calls via a Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone’s network connection. The watch doesn’t need to have a SIM card.

Here’s a link to the user manual which may be of further help.

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So I can't use it to send or receive calls if there no sim card in it



Yes you can, if you connect it to your phone via BT. Remember though that there is a distance limit when using BT. It is approximately a maximum of 10 metres (30') between paired devices

See the user guide how to do this


I can't hear the people that call me? I have looked all over the phone for a volume, but nothing. Amd while on a call I can't click nothing


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Hi @drkallolranjansarkar1973,

Probably not.

If the card is physically broken then even if joined back together it will never be a perfect join as before so retrieving information may not be possible.

You could always try of course but don’t be surprised if it didn’t work.

If there is important data on it that needs to be retrieved there may be specialist companies that may be able to do this. I don’t know of any but a search online might find them. Given the cost of data retrieval from damaged HDD from computers it won’t be cheap.

If there is nothing important on the card just contact the service provider for the card and get a replacement card.

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With a microSD card, it’s hit or miss. For me, TOTAL MISS. No microSD card that I have installed has ever been recognized by the smartwatch. DZ09 or SylvaniaSBTW274.

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