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The iRobot Roomba 880 is an autonomous vacuum released in 2013, with greater power and cleaning capabilities compared to the previous models.

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will not take a charge

My Irobot does not seem to take a charge. I have bought a new battery . No lights are on on my roomba. Sometimes when I place it on the charger the motors turn for just a little while.

The light on the charge blinks when no robot is on it. When I place the robot on it it is a steady green.

All contacts are clean.

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I called and the iRobot center troubleshot over phone. They said docking station. Now 62 dollars later still not charging. Checked new battery and dock with volt meter only 5.4 volts Has new battery also. Still dealing with it. Probably going to replace with something else. Not used that much and sat for a long time. I will try another company product maybe have better results.

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