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"Unable to join WiFi network" How can I fix this?

So, my iPod Touch 1G just arrived today and for some reason, the WiFi has a weak signal and it says "Unable to connect to the network". Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Unplug and plug in router. Move close to the router (try this step first). Restart iPod. If all else fail try full erase.

Update (01/13/2018)

Is the iPod used? Or new? A used iPod might need the Wifi antenna replaced or it could’ve come disconnected. Most of those are little (coax) cables but they look different in a phone or ipod/iPad. I wouldn’t suggest doing this yourself because iPods are the hardest Apple device to get into unless you like soldering. Sorry for the late reply. I hole this helps if you’re still having the problem

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Everything i tried failed, even the reset. What do I need to fix?


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