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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Finding IMEI with FRP lock

hey guys.

Im looking to get the IMEI off of a board i got delivered. but its FRP locked. there are no identifiers on the board itself, and the dial code *#06# doesnt work because emergency caller wont allow it.

Am i missing something as to where that should be recorded? i know iphones have the "i" at the bottom corner, but samsung doesnt appear to have it.

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Does Download mode or Recovery mode show the IMEI?

Download Mode may show through adb?

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neither of them show the imei. Im currently installing ADB to run through the last suggestion. while im doing that, do you have the command i would use to pull the IMEI through adb?


adb shell dumpsys iphonesubinfo


i get No device/Emulator found When i try to connect. i Have Google USB drivers installed in my SDK manager.


Removed comment.


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press volume up, power and home buttons all at same time. While holding down all 3 buttons the screen will start to flash and immediately let up on buttons and hit volume down and the IMEI, SKU and SN will appear on the screen.

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Should the phone be off or on ?


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if the battery cover is original it will have the imei at the bottom, hard to see i suggest some kind of led light to shine against it

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