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Alcatel's first smartphone built for the Straight Talk network, identified by model number A851L. Released in October 2013.

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Why does my phone keep turning off?

When I am on my phone my screen will go black. It then goes to the lock screen where it asks me for my password. It does this every couple of minutes. How do I fix this?

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Check the phone's sleep setting and adjust to suit. This setting adjusts the screen timeout.

Touch and hold the Recent app key and Settings from the Home screen, then scroll down to Display > Sleep

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This is different. It kind of glitches to the lock screen. My sleep settings are set for 10 minutes.



Just clarifying that this occurs when using the phone on a call, is this correct?

If so, try clearing the cache in the Dialer app.

Not sure of your phone but usually it is found in Home > Settings > Apps > swipe to All > scroll down to Dialer and tap to enter. Tap Clear Cache and follow the prompts.

Be aware if you tap "Clear Data" you will lose all information stored in the Dialer app. You are basically starting the app from new


Me too ! That's not the answer for me, my phone does this all the time. And I have tried everything I can think of. Is there any other talk about this happening to other people's phone's ?


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