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Repair guides and questions related to Asus VivoBook S300C notebook. Released in 2013.

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Notebook charger disconnects immediately

(My model is ASUS S400C, but I've not found it here.)

I've an ASUS laptop since 2015's December. My problem is, within the time, its battery was degrading and now, if I want to run the laptop, I must plugin in the charger, or otherwise it shutdowns (stops running) immediately.

By the term degrading I meant, my battery energy was getting worse, more limited and weird.

Normally, the laptop has a red light that indicates the battery charging is on.

And it's also weird. When my laptop immediately shutdowns/crashes, its red light blinks once for 1 sec'.

But my problem got worse. Right now, my laptop is immediately shutting down. I press its power on button and right after .5 milliseconds it gets off. How to fix that? Does the issue lie in the battery?

Is it possible to run w/o battery? If so, how do I remove it from my laptop structure, since it's not directly exposed?

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Hi @maihydroper ,

Here is a video that shows how to remove / replace the battery in your laptop.

For replacement batteries, just search online for Asus S400c battery and select the supplier that suits you best.

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Thanks, butcI think I cannot buy another battery, so I plan to remove it and run the laptop by using the pure charger. Is that really possible?

If so, do I need an extra step after removing the battery? The guy's laptop in this video has just a minor slight difference - my battery (I think) is fully wrapped by the black plastic/thing, but I don't think it'll make a difference.


Hi @maihydroper ,

What happens if you run the laptop on the charger?

Does it work normally except that the battery doesn't charge?

Does the battery get hot?

If the laptop runs OK and the battery doesn't get hot, why bother removing the battery and potentially causing more problems by dis-assembling and re-assembling the laptop?


1) Right now, it shutdowns immediately (say, it doesn't execute). However, before that it used to run fine, but it was still shutting down anyways.

2) Nope... It looked like its battery was going down.

3) The battery, I don't know. It's interned in the core structure, I think.

So I still believe the battery is damaged. I believe the battery cannot be used anymore.


Hi @maihydroper ,

try disconnecting the battery only (not removing it) and then connecting the charger to see how it performs


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