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Nintendo 2DS - это упрощенная версия Nintendo 3DS, которая всё же содержит такое же аппаратное обеспечение, сходную функциональность и совместимость с программным обеспечением, разработанным для Nintendo DS и 3DS. Однако 2DS отличается своим новым плиточным форм-фактором от дизайна раскладушки, используемого её предшественниками, а также отсутствием характерного Nintendo 3DS автостереоскопического 3D дисплея.

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My system won't turn on and charges for 5 seconds before disconnecting

I wanted to play my 2ds for something to do however it doesn't seem it wants to cooperate. I plug the charger in with the orange led turning on for approximately 5 seconds. I've been constantly plugging in the charger to have it gain charge but to much disbelieve it is still yet to turn on. If anyone has had this problem and knows a possible solution could you possibly leave an answer. If there isn't a solution and a new one is need please leave an answer.

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Are you using the original power brick and cable? Using a too high power brick can prevent it from charging to protect itself.


Yes I'm not using anything other than the one bought with the product



I assume your 2Ds isn´t really charging. I have had the same issue, with a minor difference - during charging the led flashes only for couple of minutes.

I assumed a problem with the charging connector of the 2DS ( after 3 years of using, may a material fatigue occurs ) .

I opened the rear panel, following the guidlines from ifixit.

After opened it , I took a look at the top panel/

there is a metal spring on the power conncetor/ pressed down carefully to increase the contact pressure/ connect with charge cable/ et voila - on the screen the symbol for charging occurs.


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Have you tried taking out the battery and putting it in again?

Nintendo 2DS Battery Replacement

Your system probably refuses to charge because the battery may already be full.

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