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Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use.

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Need to change the processor

My Acer Aspire 3002NLC laptop's current processors tends to heat up a lot and stops working midways also. Its @@@& slow too.

I have tried cleaning the CPU fan. I replaced the thermal heatsink too...twice. Still it runs pretty hot. ~90-95'C.

Was thinking of changing the same to something new. Can somebody pls let me know what would be a good replacement to the same.

BTW my current processor specs are as follows -

Processor Type: AMD Mobile Microprocessor

Model Number: 2800+

Part Number: SMS2800BQX3LF

Package: 754-Pin Lidless Micro-PGA

Form Factor: Socket 754

Manufacturing Process: 0.09 micron

Stepping Codes: ABBWE, CBBWE, CCBWE

Frequency: Rated 2800+ - *Real 1600

Level 1 Cache: 64KB Instruction Cache and 64KB Data Cache

Level 2 Cache: 256KB

Special Features: Enhanced Virus Protection and PowerNow! Technology

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The manual for your laptop says that:

Mobile AMD Turion 64 processor ML-28/ML-30 or higher

Mobile AMD Sempron processor 2600+ to 3000+ or higher

are supported, that is where I would start out with if anything. I believe it's a PITA to change the CPU in one of those. The manual is available at acer.com a list for CPU's is at AMD and here is a least of the Turion 64 for the mobile computing market

Remember that speed and heat go together and that in order to make your computer more effective I would also look into increasing/changing memory and possibly optimizing your OS. Good Luck.

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Check this website for all compatible socket 754 processors:


You'll want to be sure your motherboard/laptop BIOS will support the CPU you select. You should be able to check the manufacturers website for this information.

It looks like the highest performing CPU is the AMD Socket 754 3700+. The processors are running around $70 on eBay.

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your link is for the desktop processors.


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