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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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How do I bypass the custom OS download

How do I bypass the custom OS download on my phone. My baby 4yrs put a pattern lock on my phone I tried to reboot it but I have to download the custom OS. I don't even know what I'm doing.

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I did a factory reset on my Samsung 7s yesterday and it then told me to enter my password to go further, but I didn't see a password so now I can not do anything with my phone. I can't even power it off now. I tried to just hold the power, home and volume up buttons but now it's downloading a custom os. The reason I did a factory reset was because my friend too my SD card and sim card out and put it in another phone so I could possibly then use that one. Well it wouldn't work so he put them back in and ever since I haven't been able to make or receive calls. I'm very very frustrated now because he's gone and I can't do anything on the phone so far. I'm using a phone he left here to look up the instructions on doing another reset but since I can't even turn the thing off now without entering my password... It now is doing a custom os download... Please help. What can I do now??

Please advise

Thank you,



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What do you mean by custom OS who told you that?

Anyway you will need to wipe the phone and you will lose all data on the phone.

Turn off the phone, once it's off hold power volume up and home release power and keep holding other keys when the screen lights up.

It will start booting recovery mode. If you get no command screen try pressing a combination of keys to unhide the recovery menu.

You can navigate recovery menu by using volume keys. Power button to select an option.

You can even swipe up and down the screen to navigate the menu.

The option you will want to choose is wipe data / factory reset. Once you have done that reboot phone and set it up again.

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I did this 20 times just goes to samsung screen and flases


I did it it just showing downloading custom os


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What if I can't power down my phone? I have tried to force shutdown, but that only restarts the device and I can't press the buttons needed to start in recovery mode.

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Hoopapphhtttyyyy hhhhoooooooppppppllllaaaaahhhhh. Yyyyaaahhhhhh ttrrrrriiiiiccckkkkk yyyaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

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My phone problem is first i opened Lucky patcher app next i moved threid party launcher to system app and i removed all aids from that launcher again i assigned the launcher always . Then

My phone doesn't work those all steps after hard reset when i reboot it says error it works those all steps properly but doesn't reboot even it not work with new OS it say fail

It doesn't show green light at top again not chargng stack on it

Open without saying next sumsung logo and stays on black screen i soo frustrated

Pls help

Model GT-I9500 Sumsung galax s4

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Even after factory reset it will not work unless you have to remember the very first google acct that was linked with the phone I’m going thru it now. I’m going thru it atm and this is the second time I’ve had to deal with this bs but every video and every search comments I’ve read never tells us this major detail smh


My j5 is not coming on its stuck in were it says Samsung


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