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GSM version of the fourth generation of iPad released November 2, 2012. Model Number A1459 / 16, 32, or 64 GB

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New digitizer not functioning?

Had a particularly frustrating screen replacement yesterday with a digitizer screen that fracture and splintered with every successive pry. Finally managed to get everything apart and cleaned up with no further damage to internal components (VERY surprised that the instructions did not specifically call out disconnecting the battery BTW). Reassembled everything and went to test prior to sealing the new screen down only to find that it's not functioning. The home button works fine and the LCD has crystal clear picture, but there's no touch input whatsoever. Any chance we got a bad digitizer? Recommendations?

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Final follow-up on this. The original digitizer was sent back before I could retest it, but I had the exact same issue on the replacement. I found that the white lines on the digitizer cable need to be inserted further into the connector (until they disappear into the connector). Unlike the LCD screen connector where the lines are still showing.


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Probably just a bad digitizer, you did fully insert the digitizer ribbon cable into the port and clipped the two connectors down right?

The battery does not need to be disconnected for digitizer replacements on iPad 2, 3 and 4 because the LCD does not need to be unplugged during a digitizer replacement, it simply just needs to be moved out of the way.

Note to others, always test the touch screen and home button before fully installing the digitizer as you may just crack the glass when removing it again.

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