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The Epson Artisan 837 is an all-in-one printer, copier, scanner, and faxer produced by Epson beginning in 2011. Model number C11CB20201.

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Loud clicking noise when trying to print

I had a paper jam, but after the paper jam was removed, the paper feed does a loud "clicking" noise and will not feed the copy paper from the tray. I then get a message saying that there is a paper jam.

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My printer is an Epson L210 which is now printing but with a loud clicking noise, solution please?


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When you removed the paper jam, did you pull the paper out in the direction of print travel? If you pulled against the direction of print travel it is easy to break sensor flags that detect paper jam. Check the jammed paper to make sure all of it is there, if pieces are missing then it may be stuck in the rollers or the sensor flags.

Another problem is sometimes the paper does not move evenly and causes print to skew diagonally. You can clean the paper pickup rollers with a soft cloth with alcohol. Look for the sensor flags, they are narrow plastic parts that are pushed out of the way by the paper and allows the sensors to track movement of paper.

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Where do I find the sensor flags? The paper was removed in the exit direction from under the unit. There were no torn pieces, just some ink marks from the jam. If the sensor flags are damaged, should I send unit for repair, or just replace unit? The closest repair location is in another state from where I am.


It is a bit difficult to describe the sensor flags. In general the flag is a little thicker than a tooth pick, it is black plastic piece that is on a pivot. The flags usually stick into the paper path, paper moves the flag out of the paper path and the sensor it is attached will detect that paper has moved to that spot. If you are getting paper jams then check near the paper pickup rollers for a flag. It should move freely. The flags should be in rectangular holes in the print path, they are not always centered.

If you need to consider repair, then use this rule of thumb. If repair costs more than half the cost of replacement then replace the printer. You may be able to ship the printer to Epson, that information is available on Epson's web page under tech support or contact us. If it is under warranty this would be the best way forward.


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This solution sure fixed my problem, though it did cost me 1/4 cent for the paper clip!

Epson WorkForce DS-510 Color Document Scanner - clicking sound, mulitple page feed broken

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