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The Microsoft Surface RT (model 1516) is the first tablet released by Microsoft. It runs Windows RT, which is designed specifically for tablet functionality. Repairs for this device require screwdrivers and prying tools.

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dead battery surface rt

Chris hi new to forum i have a first generation surface rt that has a dead battery does anyone know how to strip it down so i can replace the battery. I saw another tear down on this site that shows another surface tablet with small screws visable behind the back stand mine does not have these screws i am lost as to how to take it apart. Chris.

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Did you check out this guide here? Microsoft Surface Battery Pack Replacement

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thanks alex my surface rt does not have the screws around the perimeter like in all the videos that i watched mine must be a first generation rt i can not get any information about it i might end up having to take a heat gun to the front of the tablet ? tx chris


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Some models don't have screws and use adhesive. You're right, use a heat gun and pry the cover off. Or there may be a easy open tab.

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