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What Chip is this?

Block Image

Block Image

To my knowledge this is an Apple CPU made in 1986.

Anyone know what it is exactly? what specs it has?

if it's not a CPU what is it?

it says:


9009BV Y5926



(M) (C) APPLE '86

and on the bottom:






Ah. Now I remember where I got it from. a Macintosh SE!

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I didn't find what , exactly, this IC is but here is an interesting site that lists many of the IC's used in Apple computers. The closest match is the 344S0607-A and it dates back to the Apple IIc.

VLSI, the manufacturer, did custom ASICS so as such this is not a CPU but an application specific IC. Hopefully, @mayer will have more info.

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This is the BBU - essentially the main ‘chipset’ of the mac that handles generation of /BERR and selection of custom IC’s based on interrupts.

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This is the BBU, or the Bob Bailey Unit. See The 8-Bit Guy’s video on the Macintosh SE for more info.

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