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The JBL Charge 3 can be recognized by its distinct woven speaker cover and rubber accents. It was released in 2016 and features a fully waterproof design, 20 hours of playback time, and bluetooth connectivity.

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Why is there a buzzing sound?

Speaker buzzes at lower frequency.

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If your JBL speaker produces distorted sound, see the JBL Charge 3 Sounds Distorted problem page for possible problems and solutions.

This most likely means one of the speakers has blown and would need to be replaced. They’re fairly easy to disassemble but unfortunately, I haven’t but been able to find a replacement speaker for the system. You might want to contact JBL in case they can service it.

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I asked JBL about this and received the following reply:

"Authorized repair services nor parts are not available for this product due to the complexity of the product and associated cost of internal parts and technical fees. As we do not service this item, if within warranty terms we would do a replacement. A copy of the original dated bill of sale must be presented whenever warranty service is required. Please refer to your Limited Warranty Card provided in your box for further warranty details."

This is such a shame and wasteful


It is a terrible Customer Service answer. I am guessing that JBL has these made offshore and has no idea of the product structure and BOM. So they don't have the knowledge to tell us were to find parts for the various units. Cheers, TQ


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