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Muting / Trying To Facetime On Hands Free After A Screen Replacement?

Hi Everyone

Never had this one before. Replaced a LCD on a customers iPhone 6S yesterday and they sent me the following this morning. Would appreciate some help in diagnosing & resolving the issue.

"This morning I have made my first phone call since having the screen repaired and while on the call my phone (handsfree) it was muting/trying to connect to facetime and not allowing me to press any buttons to try and cancel. I noticed when I got off the phone call my phone was really hot and it had also drained a fair bit of battery on just a quick 10min phone call. "

All other functions/apps are working fine, it just seems to be an issue while making calls.

Anyone got any ideas? Front camera flex fault maybe?

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Probably front camera fault, all these issues sound like it would be related to that as it may be that his screen is stuck on black while on hands free or after making a call which would mean the proximity sensor may have gone faulty.

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Thanks Ben! I'll double check the connections & then try a new proximity sensor, I was very careful with it but we know how fragile those things are!


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