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Do I have to replace my logic board


My 15" Macbook Pro (mid 2009 2.53 Ghz) is not booting up properly (it displays the apple logo and the progress wheel). Even safe boot is not always possible. In verbose mode I got the message "disk02: no such media present."

I downloaded a program called S.M.A.R.T. Reporter to do a health check on my HD. Everything seems fine. I was told that the problem is then probably the system bus. Does this mean that I have to replace the logic board altogether?

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This post is now over 4 months old since you added to it and is taking way to long to read through. Let's start over and you can summarize the problem and what you've done.


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It it were me, I'd start up from my system installation disk and use Disk Utilities to reformat the drive (using the write zeros option). The write zeros will map out any bad blocks so that they will not be used. Now try installing a new system.

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Ok, thank you for the help. Having bought my machine off ebay (albeit new), unfortunately I don't remember if there was even a system installation disk with it...although perhaps there always is. In any case, I will see if I can find it or get another one.

Not having a lot of experience with computers (of any kind), I feel very fortunate not to have to take my Mac to a shop for repair. Thank you, your help means a lot.

Could you please let me know what the "reputation" count is? I think mine was 4 when I registered, and is now 1.


First get your Book registered to you here: https://register.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebOb...


For a original replacement system installation disk, contact Apple and pay about $16. http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57

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after a lot more looking I found my original disk. Booting from it, i went to Disk Utilities - Erase - Zero Out Data, and I got an error message saying that the disk could not be started. The disk then disappeared from the left-hand column (in disk utilities). I gave it a few go's and sometimes my book crashed when Disk Utilities was "gathering disk information". Would you say that at this point, replacing the disk is the next step? As booting from the installation disk doesn't use the hard-disk, does the above error mean that there is another problem unrelated to the hard-disk?


It sounds to me like a definite hard drive failure. Time to replace it.


thanks for commenting again. i'll write back when I have done that


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If the problem is actually the system bus, yes, you would need to replace the logic board.

I'd actually try out a utility called DiskWarrior and see what it reports on your hard drive. It's possible that your system is just corrupted.

Have you tried booting from another instance of the Mac operating system? I like to keep an external boot drive around for troubleshooting instances like that. Boot off of the external drive, run DiskWarrior and let it try to repair your OS. If that doesn't work, you could try re-installing the OS over top of your data (so you don't lose anything). Then see if it will boot consistently for you.

Don't do anything without a backup of your data. Seriously. Let me know if any of that helps.

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Thank you very much for that!

To be honest, I don't know what an external boot drive is. I will look it up. I have a Mac Mini that I could use as a drive...Hmm, I will have a browse on google for more information.

Please would you let me know this: Following your advice, do I get DiskWarrior onto my Macbook, or do I run it from the external drive?

I bought my macbook pro from ebay 15 months ago and frustratingly, I don't recall whether there was an installation disk with it.

Anyway, in the meantime I have been able to boot in normal mode a few times. There were a few freezes (where I couldn't even access "Force Quit". I also ran an extended hardware test. Since then, I have booted up again as normal. I also did a boot in Verbose mode, just to see what it would say, and it went to my desktop within a very short amount of time.

I will see if it boots consistently, and if not, I will do what you suggested.

Yes, I have backed up what is indispensable, to a CD.

Thanks very much again!!


Hi again

I clicked "Accept Answer". Do you know whether this means that the thread is then closed, i.e. that I wouldn't see other answers anymore?


You could boot the MacBook Pro from your Mac Mini. You would install DiskWarrior on your Mac Mini, shut it down, turn it back on while holding the "T" key... that's for target disk mode. If you plug a firewire cable into your MacBook Pro, you should be able to boot to the Mac Mini. Turn off the MacBook Pro, turn it back on while holding the "option" key... you should be able to see the Mac Mini (which should be in target mode and connected via firewire) and be able to boot to it. From there, run DiskWarrior and see what happens.


After you accept the answer, most people will not look at the question. The only reason I did was because Josh is new here and I wanted to check him out. You can un-accept it to prevent that and then reaccept an answer once your problem is solved.


lol, hi mayer.


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Buy a new HD. But in the meantime, try using Single User Mode to have the computer check and repair disk corruption.

To get into Single User, at the boot sound, hold "cmd" and "s" down until the screen goes black. When you get to the prompt and white text has stopped scrolling by, type this (without the quotes): "/sbin/fsck -fy"

This will run a check disk very similar to Disk Utility but will be more thorough. That may allow you to use the computer enough for you to get your data off of the HD.

At this point, getting your information off the HD should be your first goal. Sounds like your harddrive has one foot in the grave.


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I'll second that drive failure. Usually if I buy a Mac from ebay I'll buy a new drive ahead of time.

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I don't buy machines anymore from ebay, at least not here in Germany. Way too many %&$§"& crooks arount. In recent weeks i had three ebay machines from customers here that where all DOA. Naturally the sellers didn't wanted to know....


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