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Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles from 1986 to Present.

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Strange sound from my engine

Hi guys, i bought a sportster 883 r two months ago and i knew from the mecanic that the guy i bought it from, had a failure in the oil pump and he drove 15 miles, the mecanic said he changed the pump and one from piston head. But a tic tic sound is coming from the engine and the sound becomes higher when i drive long distance, anyone can help me what this sound may be???

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I recently figured a new problem every 40 miles my rear spark plug is fouling is it related to the ticking sound??


Quite possible, is it oil fouling? If so your lifters may need adjusting, and if they are auto adjusting, you may need to replace either your chain/belt, slipper/tensioners. Does it blow a bit of smoke on start up, or when taking off from traffic lights. These are indications of valve stem seals and or valve adjustment.


Yes, it is blowing smoke on startup.


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Tic ticking sounds are usually lifters. Or noisy valve train. I'd personally take it to another mechanic, don't tell him the story. See what that guys says it is.

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It could be anything really, as the engine may need a full rebuild.


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