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Mitraveler 7 tablet stuck on android logo screen

Mitraveler 7d16c stuck on android logo screen. Does not have vol up or down button

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Hi @ssummers ,

Not much info about your tablet.

Check if there is a small pinhole on the back of the tablet.

If there is this is usually where the reset button can be found.

Use an opened paper clip and very gently press it into the hole. You should feel a button operating. If you do hold it operated for about 10 seconds and then release. Hopefully the tablet will now start up OK.

I say very gently because there may be a microphone hole as well for the tablet and you don't want to be damaging the microphone by pushing the paperclip into the wrong hole.

On other Mitraveler tablets the microphone hole is on the side with the controls and connections.

If you have the User Manual check what it says about a reset button or a microphone location

If you don't have the User manual, it may pay to check first if there is a hole there and if there is one on the back of the tablet as well.

Hopefully this is of some help

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