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Repair and disassembly guides and support for dish washing appliances.

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Dishwasher will not cycle?

Whirlpool gold series

Model- wdt720padm2

Ser- f53707173

Type- 583-1

Will start cycle and fill with water and release pod but that’s it and will drain. Pod will still be laying in machine.

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Is it giving you any error codes?


How do you check?


I have the same washer with the same problem.


Why is this marked solved? The problem is not solved.


So I ran the diagnostics and the f- e- means there is no error. My dishwasher isn't washing, I ran the diagnostics and I get no error codes. Any ideas?


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Here's how to reset it and put it into diagnostic mode: https://fixitnow.com/wp/2007/02/13/how-t...

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That link is not for this washer. This washer doesn't have an Air Dry button. I have the same problem with the same washer and need help.


I have the same problem too


I found out how to run the diagnostics. At the end of the diagnostics it just flashes f- and then e-, back and forth. I'm not sure if that's an error code. Where do I go from here?

Also, if anyone wants to run the diagnostics. Press any 3 buttons in sequence 3 times. ie 1,2,3 - 1,2,3 - 1,2,3


See if the e can be read as possibly something else.


I have the same issue. First cycle seems to be a rinse and water does get into the cups in the top rack. Then that’s it water sits below the element and element is hot and the soap door opens but no water or enough water get to the soap to dissolve pod. Dishwasher will drain and then later do another rinse. Error code is F7 E1. Nothing makes sense here. Please help


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So this just happened to me and reading through these some of it makes sense.

Got in touch with a tech- he said most machine will have a diagnostic cheat-sheet in the compartment under the unit- you have to take the foot plate off to find it ( convenient, right? ) there's a list of error codes with the last (most recent) first.

They confirmed the press any button but the start/on-off buttons rapidly hit them 123-123-123.

He said to close the door and wait. For units with top mounted controls, watch the indicator light. It'll start flashing for the first diagnostic, pause with 1 flash, then flash again (does this twice.) Then do a second set of flashes. Once it does each set twice, it'll run a short cycle. Once complete it should show the error codes.

If the cheat-sheet is where he said, you can find it on the list and go from there with how to approach the resolution.

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