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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is Sprint-exclusive and designed for fitness enthusiasts.

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Replacement screen pops off up top

Hi, I recently replaced my Galaxy S5 screen and the glass keeps popping up on top. I can re-heat the screen and press it down for a few minutes and it stays down. However within the next day it starts popping up. Anyone have any ideas? This is also happening on my ipad.

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Either not enough adhesive put on or adhesive being used is too weak.

For the iPad if the adhesive is strong enough, the usual cause is the dents on the iPad frame's metal corners that would need to be bent back in place.

B7000 Glue is usually used in cases like this where the corner keeps pushing up. The glue takes about a day to set in well with tape to hold it in place for it to set.

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Thanks for replying. I'm going to try this glue out and post back what happens.


The trick is to lift up the screen (on the weak spots only) just enough to put the B7000 glue in, don't put too much of course. Then apply pressure on it and use something like scotch / sticky tape to hold it down.

Then wait for about 24 hours. Take the tape off and rub off the excess glue.


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