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ThinkPad introduced in 2008. This machine was intended for the small business market who needed a low cost laptop, but could not compromise on major features.

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Supervisor Password Thinkpad SL500

Hi there,

I have a Thinkpad SL500, with a supervisor Password, which I do not know. Does anyone have a clue how I get rid of it. As far as I have read, theres no eeprom on this motherboard which I could short to get rid of it. There is no power on or Harddisk password inserted. Removing the bios battery does not help either now it just ask every startup to correct time and date.

Greets Simon

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My SL 500 too is lock and Iam experiencing the same problem


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You'll find a couple of liks to recovery password generators at the bottom of this page:


But according to the Service Manual there is no procedure for resetting the Supervisor Password. You have to replace the motherboard. If you can find and replace the BIOS chip that might be a last resort solution but you’d almost certainly have to source one from another laptop of the same model, in which case you’d be better off swapping the entire motherboard.

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Lenovo is not suported, I have an error code, but it is a code you can lookup in the manual of the SL500.


Also cmospwd does not work


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Probably not the answer your looking for but if you have a heatgun/good soldering skills you could try replacing the bios chip: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BIOS-CHIP-LENOV...

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I would rather perfer a solution which does not include replacing parts on the mothermoard. Although if there is a solution like with most other ThinkPads where there is to analize a Signal or short some contacts this would be ok.


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