"Select CD-ROM boot type" When trying to install windows.

I can not get past "Select CD-ROM boot type" When trying to install windows! I have tried 2 cd's and 3 computers. My 2006 iMac and MacBook both threw up the error. However my 2011 MacBook Pro worked just fine. However that isn't the laptop I need windows on. Thanks!

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Hi @e_ah

What Mac OS are you using and what operating are you trying to install? installing via BootCamp?

I have a feeling is also about the edition ... x86 and x64

Due to the MacBook EFI 32 Bit EFI Loader Limitation,



I am osx 10.6.8 and trying to install x64 as the core 2 duo is a 64bit cpu. I have tried with bootcamp and a blank hard drive.


@e_ah so you say x64 ? windows or mac os?


as mention about EFI Architecture: 32-Bit

Please look at Dan Replies

Upgrade a1181 to os x 10.8


Could it be that your 2006 models only have CD drives, and only the 2011 has a SuperDrive (DVD)? The new Windows 7/8/10 installers are on DVDs not CDs.


I am trying to install x64 windows. Ill try 32 bit though. responding to @avanteguarde both systems have superdrives. If it didn't then you could not install OSX with it.


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