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Second of its generation, released in November, 2011, the Sony SLT Alpha-65V is a SLT (Translucent Mirror Technology) camera with a Sony Alpha/Minolta lens mount.

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Broken Pop-up Flash broken

I inadvertently SAT on my camera and broke the pop-up flash unit. It no longer locks down on the body but still produces a flash ! Is it repairable and if so, any idea as to cost or where to send it ? Is it self repairable given a spare unit ?

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Hi @clumbsy ,

Here is a link to the ifixit Sony SLT Alpha-65V flash replacement guide.

This should be of some help to gain access to the flash assembly so that it can be replaced.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find a replacement part online, (you may have better luck) but if you live in the USA you could try contacting this supplier and check if they have the part or may know where to get it from or even the part number would be of some help.

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Thank you for your reply. I obviously was not totally clear in my question. The flash still works it is the pop-up mechanism that is broken (it will not latch down) and tends to hang on the connecting wires... cant make out from the guide if it covers the removal of the flash from the pop-up mechanism or if it is separately repairable. Does a replacement unit include the pop-up mechanism ??


Hi @clumbsy ,

Perhaps you should contact the supplier in the link and ask if it is complete unit, i.e.has both flash electronics and mechanical pop up section or whether it is obtainable as separate parts


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