Shutdown code after sleep

Long story short, I had to disassemble the computer to reattach the display assembly, and since then I've noticed odd behavior. At first, when I opened the computer from sleep, it would either restart, or take a few seconds to wake up. When I checked the terminal/logs for the previous shutdown code, I was getting 0, meaning power lost. I took the bottom off, and reattached the battery. Since then, whenever I wake the computer from extended sleep, I will get the code 5, indicating a proper shutdown. I have wiped and reinstalled High Sierra and that has made no difference. Checking the logs before I did the reassembly, I don't see anything of the sort. Is this normal behavior, or is something wrong?

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@dan I'm currently at 569 cycles and 86% design capacity. I'm pretty sure the battery is not a problem, as it still lasts a long time, and is never dead when I wake it up.


Would this have anything to do with the standby mode that some Macs go into after a couple hours? The code only appears after the Mac has been asleep for a couple hours.


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