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Repair guides and support for the Cutlass Ciera coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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What type of oil do I use

What type of oil do I use

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You can use any 5W-30, just choose whichever brand you prefer.


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The quickest way to find out is to use an oil company's product finder.

That way you get the correct oil for your engine and also for the driving conditions.

Here are some links that may be of some help.



Check if your preferred oil supplier has a similar tool on their website if the above suppliers don't suit you, or just use the information from the above to get the same grade oil from a supplier that suits you best

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1. thats a good question

2 . thats an OLD car - how many miles ?

3. 4 or 6 cylinders ?

4. are you a dare-devil driver ? ( I can't ask how old you are )

If you live in hot-south - Multi weight detergent marked SAE20w-50.

If cold-north - same oil marked SAE10w-40

No synthetic oils (too old) (not you...the car)

No additives.

Change oil & filter once before hot weather, again after hot weather.

Put a drop from the dipstick in your palm. Rub it with you best finger.

If it is looks and feels like honey - its good.

If it is black and feels like soap - its bad.

If your not sure, check after the next drive.

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