The second generation (chassis model L30) was an American market-only version, again styled by Nissan's California design center under Doug Wilson through 1994 (design freeze in 1995).

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P1105 code is not going away

I've replaced map sensor, code still shows. What's the issue?

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@smooch a failed MAP/Baro Switch solenoid can give you the same code. Check for more reasons for code P1105 on here If that solenoid does not open then your sensor does not get a vacuum and will read barometric pressure which will trigger this code. Check the solenoid by unplugging the vacuum hose on the sensor and attach a vacuum gauge to that. Start your car and within seconds your gauge should read a vacuum. If there is no vacuum then it is most likely that your solenoid has failed. Of course this will only work if your vacuum hoses are not cracked etc.

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