Why is my phone spazzing out and how can I make it stop?

Earlier on I was trying to message someone and it wouldn't let me type and would type random letters itself, a few hours later I tried to go on my phone and it wouldn't even let me unlock it. The screen keeps flashing and my phone has now locked itself out for an hour.

Also, for a few months now my phone has gone onto apps or clicked on things that I haven't clicked on and also on youtube there are things on my search history that I didn't search, could this possibly be because my phone is getting hacked?

For a long time now I have been out of phone storage space and I have tried to free up space as much as I can so my phone may be playing up like this because of that but i'm not entirely sure.

I look after my phone very well, no cracked screen, really good case, rarely ever drop it, i haven't put it in any water, so... I don't really know why my phone is playing up like this so if anyone has any answers, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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