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iTunes Error 4013 and Restore/Charging Problem

Hello Currently hang my iphone 6s plus on restore progress

i get ever the error 4013 from itunes , i tryd to restore with mac and windows

i had see that the new accu not much load behind this i think there a problem with the loading chip or connector but my computer recognize it without any problems

now is my question what can i do that i can restore it , had see that the 4013 error in most ways is the nand flash , it that right or can this error come behind a ic charging chip problem?

its hard to change the nand ? and what i need all for the change ?

or any tipps for fix that restore problem without change the nand?

and which chip i must change for resolving the charging problems?

Thanks for youre help

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The error generally comes up when iTunes doesnt validate some sort of hardware.

Things to try;

step one) computer issues, try New OEM cable (straight from apple, no third party stuff), Different Port, Delete your Apple Hosts, reinstall and fully update itunes.

step two) Phone issues, this error can occur with third party parts. if you have had a repair done on the device, you may need to find an OEM part to replace that part with, if only temporarily. (IE: Screen replacements, charge ports etc) There could also be a problem with the port, even if it is OEM. try a new one of those regardless

step three) you mentioned the NAND replacement? NAND errors generally arent solved by a factory reset. The error comes up most frequently after failed repair attempts. Sometimes it can be fixed by replacing the proximity sensor flex, and other times, it is a board level failure. If you DO need to replace a NAND chipset, you are looking at a lot of work, as it is thermal capped into the board, and removal usually causes more damage than help. It requires a 10X microscope, tweasers, a concentrated variable hot air gun (not a heat gun), a steady hand, and a patient mind. usually a few hundred boards of experience as well before doing it properly.

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I had this same problem with my 5C and it happened that my some of the pins on the NAND chip weren't making a good connection. At the time I didn't have the tools to resolder those connections but I was able to cut a piece of a business card and place it in between the lcd/digi/prox flex's and the shield that holds them down. Its been working without a problem ever since. This is pretty hit or miss, if you don't have the tools and experience to solder at that level then this is probably your best and safest bet.

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thanks nice , howto do that where the point to place ?

lcd/digi/prox flex's say me not realy where to place


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thanks for youre answear , the replace stuff was all orginally with the battery

different displays tryd same error

A Different Computer and Cable Tested too

Thanks , i worked currently for pc repair , not with chips but i think i will get it

Camera i can close out behind the other display had not helped

therewere my think thats perhaps is the charging port or chip that refuse the restoring

And thanks for youre help

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