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Выпущен в июне 2017 года как преемник Surface Pro 4. Также известен как Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3». Номер модели: FJT-00001.

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Heat Gun/Blower for Screen Replacement

I am looking at purchasing a heat/gun blower to replace my Surface pro 5 screen (warm the adhesive to weaken it)....as well as for other electronics.

I have come across 3-in-1 Function Heat Blower and Soldering Iron (see link below), which I thought could be helpful with other projects also.


Has anyone had any experience using this type of "heat blower"? First thought is it may be difficult to control the temperature...although it does have a flame adjustment setting.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi @dgmossman ,

You may wish to take note of the warning at Step.1 in the ifixit Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Screen Replacement guide.

Just a thought.


Go for an iopener, otherwise it's too easy to damage the surface.


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I think the soldering gun you picked will be to narrow an area and far to hot to do the job well. I believe you chances or success on this repair would be much greater with a standard heat gun:

Heat Gun

Heat Gun Изображение


Heat Gun


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I would use the iOpener or a heatmat.

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