Which gloves for handling displays and electronics?

Hello guys, I came from Linus Tech Tips and found your site.

I need to test a lot of electronic parking discs(a Danish phenomenon), 14.400 to be exact and need the right gloves for the job. I have to be able to handle the device which is mostly plastic, but with a 2cm by 6cm display. The display can't be allowed to get greasy.

Which gloves would you use to handle electronics with displays for many hours on end?

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Hi @atotehz ,

This is just what I think that you should have

ESD Gloves

Anti-Static Mat

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

Not sure of your location but there is an ifixit Europe store as well

Anti-Static Mat Изображение


Anti-Static Mat


Anti-Static Wrist Strap Изображение


Anti-Static Wrist Strap


ESD Gloves Изображение


ESD Gloves


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I believe you're correct, but I'll only be needing the gloves. Thanks.


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