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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930V.

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Left sound not working with headset

Hi, I only got my Samsung Galaxy S7 NON Edge about 4 weeks ago and already have a problem. It was bought online from Best Buy, FWIW and they won't replace it, they want to send it out for service.

The headset jack was always tough with getting jacks in and out of it. Now the left side audio doesn't work except sometimes it's only the right side that works (I'm thinking a jack part is bent and shorting).

My first question is will I void my warranty working on it. Second, will Best Buy tend to replace or repair and would they tend to give an old used one?

If I do the repair in the video here, there is no mention of the waterproofing seal of the back plate, is that built into back plates where I would want to buy a new back plate? I don't want to lose my water resistance.

I saw some sites talk about using a bent sewing needle to pull the possibly bent piece back in place, but I cannot see inside well enough, it must be badly bent.

I have indeed bought all the tools required in this video since in the future I want to learn how to work on phones, but the video doesn't indicate how long to use the heat gun or how to replace the water seal or whatever the method is.

Also, how do I clean the old seal off? If I use adhesive remover the stuff sold here is very expensive, what other adhesive removers will work?

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Ok lets start by saying if you crack it open the warranty is void . if its new and has a warranty I would take it back . Best buy will not do repairs unless you bought there extended warranty and then they will only do the repair when its out of factory warranty. If the jack is the issue( have you tried other headphones?) then Samsung will replace the jack and send it back you wont get another phone over that .New parts will be used jacks are components that are quit cheap. If your wanting to retain the waterproof feature then don't do the job yourself . Resealing the phone can lead to issues if your not familiar with the process .If you do decied to open the phone I use ip alcohol 99% to remove the sealant as well as heat and if you do use heat use a ir thermometer to make sure you don't exceed 175 -200 F or 80-90C depending where you are. More heat than this will cause yellowing of the screen and swelling of the battery As for bending it back into place this may or may not work and odds are it will leave marks that will void the warranty . Once again your best bet is to have it fixed under warranty. This way your guarantied to not end up with a paper weight. Hope this helps

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Now the sound coming in through the mic isn't working also, only the left ear now. I tested with a bluetooth headset and everything works with bluetooth.

I did try moving the jack pins with a dental pick, but that didn't change anything, but this morning, after waking up, the mic doesn't work on wired headphones now.


Also, I notice this site doesn't include a parts list or option for my model of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Non Edge "U" version (USA Unlocked).


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