This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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ROLLED my Nintendo DS lite in washer...

Some years ago my family accidentally put my brothers' Nintendo DS in the washer...

I decided to fix it...So here's my prob.

1. I had tried to open the DS body but I noticed the head of the bolt was worn...

The hole is so small so I cannot put a rubberband in it. I have no idea

2. What would be the most technical prob? Had I activated it first after washing(...) I saw the power goes on and go off right after.

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First two ones are the Y wings.

Guess their edge are too blunt

And these are all What I can use


This bolt is A Freakin Problem....


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Hi @fanxylegacy ,

The biggest problem would be corrosion and possible electrical damage to components caused by water causing current to flow where it shouldn't, because the battery was not disconnected from the systemboard as soon as possible after it got wet.

If the power was turned on while it was still wet internally then more damage could have occurred.

When the device eventually dried out then the only problem would be the ongoing corrosion.

The device has to be opened and cleaned using Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ to remove the corrosion.

Electronics Water Damage

After so many years it may be impossible to fix as the corrosion (which doesn't stop) may have destroyed some components.

Also no doubt the battery would have to be replaced as it may be irretrievable.

You won't know the extent of the damage until you get it open.

Here is a link to the ifixit DS Lite Repair guides which may be of some help

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Cannot open the Y Bolt...

Guess it is grinded.

What can I do?

The way to insert the driver is really narrow...


Hi @fanxylegacy ,

If you are talking about the Tri-wing screws shown in Step.4 of the motherboard replacement guide for the DS Lite, are you using a Tri-wing screwdriver?

If you are and the head of the screw is damaged then perhaps the only thing to try is to drill away the head using a drill bit slightly larger then the screw head. Don't go down too far, just enough to remove the head so that the cover can be lifted from the rest of the screw. Once the cover is removed then the rest of the screw can be removed using pliers.

You'll need new replacement screws of course.


Could you advise me after i upload

My tools I can use?...

Hold on a second


Added a Pic.


Hi @fanxylegacy ,

Looking at the pics (good by the way) it seems that the screw head is damaged.

The only thing that I can think off is that you'll need to purchase a drill bit that is slightly larger diameter than the screw head and then use it in the drill/driver you have to drill the head away from the shaft of the screw. Being slightly bigger than the head means that it will remove the head. Once the head is gone the washer underneath it (if that's what is is) should come out and then the case can be lifted up.


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